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Garden Clean Up and Prep

Getting Ready to Plant


My poor sad garden. Here is the before… I never clean out my old veggies. Instead I leave them and let mother natures natural mulch (leaves) tuck the nutrients away. When I clean it out in the Spring, rich, vibrant, worm filled dirt remains!


Because I recently had back surgery I need to wait for the husband to help bag the “mulch” but you can see the freshness ready for fertilizing and planting!

Yummy worms!

After the veggie garden was cleaned out I headed to the front for some photo progress on our hostas and violets!

How have you started to prep your garden?

– Meg

Sensitivity is a Two Way Road of Highs & Lows

Honest Natural

When I was a little girl I used to ask my mom, “How come when my friend falls on the playground we all rush to be sure shes ok, but when I fall, no one comes to ask me?” Profound little statement from a 7 year old. My mom did what moms do and told me it was a mistake, oversight or to brush it off. But it sat in the back of my mind.  I was always looking out for my friends and family. Having a handicapped sister made me especially aware of being protective and I was always “guarded”. Being a guarded person and a chatty Cathy though, well it opened the door for quite a bit of heartbreak.

However, my sensitivity opened doors to new people that impacted me in a positive way and I impacted positively to them.  My sister, Molly, had cancer and spent a lot of time at CHOP. When I would visit, Id talk and play with the other kiddos. Kiddos with cancer, diseases and other horrible ailments that left them living at CHOP and not going outside often, if at all. They taught me the most amazing lessons. They held strong through treatments and found humor in so much. They shared their stories and comforted me when I cried. Can you believe that? They were ill and I was the one crying? They showed me so much. They opened my heart up permanently to knowing what pain truly was.

Fast forward to being a mom.  When I hear my kiddo had a bad day or was left out, my heart sinks. I go into a place that is deeper than it should be and I immediately step in to help, fix and comfort. I carry their pain on my shoulders in the hopes of taking it from them so she never has to feel it. Obviously they need to in order to be strong and confident but my memories of my youth and of CHOP reside in my mind so often that I silently cry.

I always thought as an adult things would be different. People would be kind. People will be open, honest and warm. But lessons are still being learned, even today.  Being adult opens the door to new friendships everyday and Im blessed to have found a few that are incredibly important to me. I have also opened my heart to others and found out they werent friends. Most people can walk away and move on. I try to figure out why? What happened? Is everything ok?  Then an interesting thing happened.  I realized:  ”Why waste your time thinking of someone who doesnt want to spend time thinking of you?” – Thats a perk of growing up. You can talk yourself off of a bridge with humor, frankness and a bottle of wine.

Being sensitive makes me, me.

And thats… Ok.

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